Net Wt. = 16 oz. (1 lb)

Tasting Notes | Dark Chocolate, Green Apple, Pear, Stone Fruit

Growing Area | Bonda and Minca Village, Santa Marta, Magdalena Dept, Colombia

Process | Fully Washed

Variety | Castillo, Arabigo, Tipica

Coffee Details


The Sierra Nevada Asobiopaz Organic coffee was grown by the 19 producers of Asociacion Biologicos para la Paz (Asobiopaz) from the villages of Bonda and Minca in the Magdalena department. Ripe red coffee cherries were washed and pulped then fermented for 36 hours and sun dried on patios until the coffee is perfect.

Expect a medium-bodied, medium acidity coffee, with fruity flavors and dark chocolate notes.


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