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Net Wt. = 16 oz. (1 lb)

Tasting Notes
Strawberry, Grape, Honey, Jasmine, Peach, Pear
Medium Body
Medium Acidity

Origin Ethiopia
Region Guji Zone, Oromia Producer Taro Washing Station, Guji Highland Coffee
Processing Natural
Harvest Schedule October – January
Variety Heirloom Varietals, 74110 and 74112
Altitude (MASL) 2000-2150

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When the soil is rich with a blanket of natural humus along the forest floor, coffee trees don’t need much to thrive and grow. This Organic Guji G2 from the Taro Washing Station was grown organically across a large farm and multiple small outgrowers in the East Guji Zone at 2,000-2,150masl, where around 18,000 tons of coffee are produced each year. Handpicked harvests last from mid-October to mid-December, when over 2,000 workers are employed to comb through the trees. The two varietals in this Organic Guji G2, 74110 and 74112, were selectively developed in the 1970s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center from trees found in the Metu-Bishari forest. They were chosen based on yield and coffee berry disease resistance and share similar characteristics in their compact sizes.

Additional information

Whole Bean or pre-Ground?

Ground (Delay up to 2 weeks), Whole Bean

Roast level

Dark, Light, Medium

2 reviews for Ethiopia

  1. Neville Parakh (verified owner)

    Loved this take on a Single Orgin Ethiopian Coffee! ☕️ Used it using the Aeropress using the inverted method. Loved it straight black but tempted to try this in my French Press with a little bit of heavy cream.

  2. Mysti

    This coffee is absolutely AMAZING! I love that they care about their ingredients as well as The Most High.

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