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Coffee Time!

If you are like me and you go to bed thinking how enjoyable waking up is going to be because you are gonna nestle into your favorite chair with your bible and a great cup of coffee, then this blog is for you today!

Coffee time! A special phrase to all coffee lovers!

Coffee is a universal warm cup of goodness in every country!

This cup of goodness can stand the test of time, whether you are sharing it with a new friend as you get to know one another, or with an old friend as you are catching up with each other.

This dark drink, whether served hot or cold, satisfies when you are needing a little pick me up, and/or a little comfort.

No one really knows when coffee was discovered, however the heritage of coffee goes all the way back to the lush forests of Ethiopia (we haven’t started carrying Ethiopian coffee yet, but I am sure we will in the future!)

In the 15th century, coffee cultivation and trade began in the Arabian Peninsula. By the 16th century, coffee was being grown all over Persia, Egypt, Turkey & Syria. Coffee houses called “qahveh khaneh” (in Farsi) began popping up all over  and grew into Istanbul,  giving people music, a good cup of coffee and great conversations! This definitely sounds like our modern day coffee shops today!

In the 17th century, European travelers who went to the Near East brought back stories of this dark drink.

Coffee was becoming popular all over, and was now becoming known in Europe.

As always, when something is unfamiliar or unknown, things can become taboo-ish and some local clergy were labeling coffee as “the bitter invention of Satan!” Finally, Pope Clement VIII tasted the beverage himself and found it so satisfying that he stamped his approval on it! Ha Ha! I guess it takes the “hat” of a religious guy to give everyone the approval that this God-given plant is okay to drink!

By the mid 17th century, coffee houses were popping up all over London. These coffee houses attracted merchants, artists, brokers and sailors. In America, tea was very popular until the colonists revolted against the heavy tea tax,  after the tea party, coffee would become a huge hit and (drug of choice ) I mean beverage of choice in America!

Thomas Jefferson and many of our forefathers loved coffee! Jefferson enjoyed the coffee houses of Williamsburg and Paris and is quoted saying,” coffee- the favorite beverage of the civilized world!”

King Louis XIV received an unusual gift from a mayor, it was of course a young green coffee plant! He ordered it to be planted in the royal gardens.

A seedling from the King’s plant was given to a naval officer who safely brought it to the Island of Martinique.

This would begin the spread of the coffee plant in the Caribbean as well as South and Central America!

The famed Brazilian coffee (which we will carry) owes its success to Francisco de Mello Palheta. When meeting with the French Governor’s wife she approved of Francisco’s looks so much so, that she presented him with a bouquet of flowers with  some coffee bean seeds stuffed down inside! Walla and now Brazilian coffee is a billion dollar industry!

Coffee is a rich commodity, but coffee time is even richer! Slowing down to sit and enjoy this cup is a luxury whether by ourselves or with those we love. Always enjoy the moments in your life as well as the people.  James 4:14 states, “life is a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow.” Take a little break for some Coffee Time!


  • Annette
    October 14, 2021

    Love love love every single coffee we bought. Delicious, and so easy to order! Can’t wait to try more flavors!
    Went from not a fan of coffee to a coffee addiction!

  • Jody Trieloff
    October 16, 2021

    Good News Roasters,
    you rock!!
    Great coffee! I just ordered 2 more flavors. I want to try them all. ❤

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