Kuppa Joy



Net Wt. = 16 oz. (1 lb)

Tasting Notes | Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Maple Syrup, Pomegranate

Growing Area | North-east region of Jinotega, Nicaragua

Process | Honey

Variety | Catuai, Geisha

Coffee Details


La Bastilla Coffee Estate, located in the north-east region of Jinotega, Nicaragua, is renowned for its coffee.
Surrounded by the natural reserve Cerro Datanli El Diablo, just a few kilometers from Lago de Apanas,
Finca La Bastilla is a tropical paradise for the fauna and flora founded on deep, favorable volcanic soils.
Since 2003, the farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance and is striving for continued excellence.

Expect a full-bodied, medium acidity coffee with dark chocolate and fruity notes.

1 review for Kuppa Joy

  1. TTourigny

    This truly is a “Cup of Joy”! The coffee is VERY smooth and requires nothing added to truly taste delicious. My wife still ruins her coffee with creamer but even she noticed the smooth taste of this coffee and asked which new flavor it was. As a black coffee drinker myself, this is a new favorite! We both agree this is a must have.

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